Passwords API

Quickly and easily check if a given password is weak or known to be compromised
Check passwords to see if they are compromised

Allows you to check whether a given password is known to be compromised, without needing to pass the exact password hash in. Rather than passing exact hashes of the password to the API, it is only necessary to supply the first 10 hex characters of each hash. A list of candidate hashes will then be returned and can be compared locally with the exact hash to determine if there was a match. This is the recommended approach for new implementations using the Passwords API.

No parameters
"partialSHA256": "9f86d08188"
200: OK
One or more possible candidate matches were found. The response body contains the candidates. If any of the candidate hashes match the exact hash, this is a compromised password, i.e. a “hacked” password.
404: Not Found
No candidate matches were found in the database of compromised passwords – indicates password is not known to be compromised.