Get Exposures for All Email Addresses in a Domain

Retrieve a list of all users for a given email domain who have been exposed in breaches
This call is useful if you are interested in pulling all the users for your domain who have had their email address show up in any breach in the Enzoic database. This differs slightly from the "Get Exposures for Domain" variant of the call in that it returns the specific email addresses and which breaches they were exposed in.
Note that you must have approval to pull exposures for a given domain. Contact support for approval if you receive a message that you do not have permissions to pull exposures for a given domain.
Lookup exposures for all email addresses in a domain

Returns all credentials exposures that have been found for users in a given email domain.

The domain to return exposures for (e.g. “”)
The number of results to return in a single call. The default page size is 1000 and the maximum is 1000.
For each call to the API, if there are additional pages of results available then a pagingToken will be returned. Pass the pagingToken in via this parameter to retrieve the subsequent page of results. Should be left off for the initial call to the API.
200: OK
Exposed users for the domain were found and the requested page is in the response body
404: Not Found
The domain was not found in Enzoic’s database and has no exposed users associated with it.