Enzoic for Active Directory v3.3

Enzoic for Active Directory is a tool that integrates into Active Directory and enforces additional password rules to prevent users from using compromised credentials. Unlike products that only check passwords after they are saved, thus requiring subsequent reset by the user, Enzoic validates the password at the time it is being selected. Passwords are then continuously monitored to detect if they become compromised – with automated remediation and alerts. It helps organizations with NIST Password Guideline compliance in Active Directory.

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Getting Started

To get started with Enzoic for Active Directory, we recommend you review the Installation Prerequisites page to ensure your environment is ready. Then follow the instructions in Setup Instructions to get the product up and running in your environment. For deployment in larger environments with many domain controllers, you may wish to review our Automated Deployments page.

If you would like to evaluate the product in a test setting first, we recommend installing it on a Windows Server virtual machine using a product such as VMWare or one of the cloud hosting providers (AWS EC2, Azure VMs, or GCP Compute Engine). Getting up and running in a simple environment like this takes just a few minutes.

The Enzoic Client is an optional component which gives your Windows users better information about what is required to select a good password, as well as feedback as to why a selected password may have been rejected if they are changing their password from the Windows Change Password screen. If you’re interested in deploying the Enzoic Client, you can find instructions for how to do so on the Client Setup Instructions page.

If you have backup software that backs up your Active Directory, you’ll want to exclude some of the volatile keys that Enzoic uses. See the Backup Considerations page for more information.

Finally, if you have a SIEM system and wish to feed information from Enzoic for Active Directory into it, you can take a look at the Logging and SIEM Integration page.

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